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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Hate to be here

Moshi-moshi :)

Sit alone in my room make me remind my friends at KD10. It will be better if i can further my study over there and being together with them. The truth is, i was really frustrated when i knew i got to further my study at UiTM Machang. I was hoping that i'll get to further study maybe at Shah Alam or at least not in kelantan. I hate the environment over here and of course their student too..*sarcasm right?.They are so closed-minded and i can't bear with them.

     Also, i'm tired to take a good care of their feeling while they absolutely didn't care of my feeling. What would you do if you are in my position? They were always hurting my feeling and maybe they thought that i'm such a nerd person. Well excuse me, you got the wrong person if you thinks that i'm such a soft-hearted person. I can debate with you in anytime if i want but thinking that i will be such an idiot person if i acting like you all. However, I'm a matured person and of course i'm not going to act like a stupid arrogant person like you.

  Sorry to say, i just only want to expressing my frustrated feeling toward this matter. In fact what i said is the true fact.

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